Publisher's Note

What’s Your New Beginning?

Unlike its sister magazine iBi, art & society is not coordinated around a specific theme for each issue. And yet, upon reflection, it seems that one can nearly always find a subtle thread of connection tying together the stories in each issue, even if it was not a conscious decision.

It’s a new year once again, and lo and behold, the underlying theme I am seeing is that of new beginnings. The articles here feature a variety of people who have begun new journeys and found expression through newfound passions. How fitting for this first issue of 2012.

Frustrated by a lengthy search for the perfect dress for her own wedding, Rachel Kress transformed that frustration into inspiration as she set out to open her own bridal boutique. Cloud Nine, Kress’ first retail business, capitalizes on her strengths in design, style and event planning to form her own unique vision. As you will see, her passion for what she does is quite evident.

To say Lance Zedric is a man of many callings is perhaps the understatement of the year. He’s been in the insurance business, opened a bed-and-breakfast and served in the U.S. Army. He co-owns a photography business with his wife and teaches at Children’s Home. He’s authored eight books, consulted for a number of TV shows, and serves as the official historian and national spokesman for a top-secret World War II Army unit. His entire life seems to be one remarkable, unending series of new passions and new beginnings.

Susan Rees has been featured in our stable of magazines numerous times over the years, but always for her work in financial services and her volunteer efforts in the community. Today, she is at the helm of a new business called Epic Eye, a role she touts as “the pinnacle of her career.” It’s another new beginning, one that allows her to incorporate her passion for the arts with an opportunity to work more closely with her family.

Tracey Frugoli wasn’t always a painter. She began as a metal crafter and jewelry artist and worked in sculpture for a time before discovering art therapy. After getting her master’s degree, her life took yet another turn when she took up painting and soon realized that was her preferred calling. "I have to follow my muse,” she explained.

Look closely, and you’ll find a new beginning in each of the stories in this issue. 2012 is here—it’s a new year. What’s your new beginning? a&s