art & society - may/jun 2010

Reel Connections

by Michael Wojtas

A Peoria-area film group brings a high-minded sensibility and thoughtful discussion of cinema to central Illinois.

The Story of Peoria’s Grand Opera House

by Norman V. Kelly

It is with pleasure that I tell you about one of the most beautiful buildings that ever existed here in Peoria, and certainly one of the most interesting ones as well.

Tiny Bites in the Heights

by Amy Chovan

With an already diverse blend of upscale establishments dishing out French, Italian and American cuisine, Peoria Heights is ready to welcome the newest eatery to grace the 4600 block of Prospect Road.

Creative Healing Through Self-Expression

by Amy Chovan

Activities like painting, mask-making and writing help people express feelings for which they cannot find words and offer the therapeutic qualities of creation.

Event Preview

For more than two decades, the Peoria Garden Club has hosted a walking tour of some of the most beautiful gardens in central Illinois.

Take 10

He’s the man surrounded by crowds of children and brightly colored balloons at local parties and festivals.

The New Age of Beauty

by Amy Chovan
Photos courtesy of Soderstrom Skin Institute

While makeup and creams have been the primary tools for generations, there are now more advanced ways to make people beautiful.

Will Bubble Tea Translate?

by Michael Wojtas

Those of us who don’t often make it to Chicago—let alone the other side of the globe—may be unaware of this colorful drink. Peoria’s curiosiTea aims to change that.