I Might Be a Magazine Editor!

The Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum’s “Be Anything” program allows children to explore a variety of careers.

by Lucy Slaughter
Lucy helps proof the November issue.
Lucy helps Editor in Chief Jonathan Wright proof the November issue.

At Peoria Magazines, I learned that it’s not easy to make magazines. You have to make sure that nothing is spelled wrong or that there’s extra space or anything like that. My favorite part was learning so many new things about magazines. The big thing that I didn’t know before was that you have to check it so many times. I thought you just made the magazine and that’s all. I loved it so much that I might be a magazine editor!

I also thought the office was very pretty because of all the art. I would like to make a magazine all about different kinds of animals. I think that a good magazine editor has to be very good at typing and knows how to work together. I think experiences like this for kids are important because I wouldn’t know as much if I didn’t come. I even got to see the very first magazine! PM

On October 25, Lucy Slaughter joined Peoria Magazine’s Editor in Chief Jonathan Wright to help edit our November issue before going to print. Lucy won the “Be a Magazine Editor” auction package from the Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum’s “Be Anything” fundraiser, which allows children to explore and learn about the variety of careers available to them. Lucy already had some writing experience, as she recently wrote a book about owls! This is her first piece published by a professional magazine.

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