Addressing the Nursing Shortage

Bradley University’s new accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing seeks to address the national shortage of trained nurses.

Dr. Jessica Clark

Jessica Clark, associate dean and director of the Bradley University Department of Nursing, spoke to Peoria Magazine about the new accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Tell us about Bradley’s accelerated BSN.

It’s designed for those who already have a bachelor’s degree in another field. Say you have a bachelor’s in business, but always wanted to be a nurse—you don’t have to completely start over. Within 15 months, you’ll have your BSN and be ready to take the national licensure exam, NCLEX-RN. All instructors are full-time, dedicated Bradley nursing faculty. We prepare our students through challenging classes and diverse clinical settings, and they pass the NCLEX-RN exam at very high rates—95 percent or higher.

Why is it important to speed up the education and training required for a BSN?

The United States is facing a serious and worsening shortage of nurses. Part of it is demographics—the retirement of a huge number of RNs in the next few years, compounded by the aging of Baby Boomers and the likelihood they’ll need more medical care. 

When does the program start?

In January we’ll begin filling our first cohort of eight students. They will start in May 2020 and are expected to finish in August 2021. They’ll have a strong network of professional connections and can expect to find a rewarding career in Peoria’s thriving healthcare community. 

Beyond the bachelor’s degree, are there other prerequisites?

Yes, there are nine classes students must complete to be considered for admission. Anyone interested can go to or call (309) 677-2547 to find out more. PM

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