Let's Roam Peoria

Are you looking for an adventurous group activity...?

Let's Roam Peoria

Are you looking for an adventurous group activity—where you can learn about local art, history and culture, and get a little exercise while you do it? Look no further than your phone. Let’s Roam is a self-guided scavenger hunt using an app as your guide through downtown Peoria. Walk from landmark to landmark solving riddles, answering trivia questions, and completing photo challenges to unlock the clue to the next destination. There is no time limit, and it’s a fun, low-cost activity for all ages. 

Let’s Roam takes players on a loop around downtown—including the Peoria Riverfront Museum, Peoria Civic Center, and restaurants and pubs along the way—in search of storied buildings and public art. Each player chooses an interactive role, such as Brainiac, Photographer or Explorer, to help their group finish each challenge. There are even customized scavenger hunts for various occasions, such as dates, birthdays and bachelorette/bachelor parties. It’s also a great team-building exercise—and it gets you out of the office. Choose your adventure at letsroam.com. PM

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